If you are looking to start up a restaurant, bar or small cafe, leasing commercial catering equipment can be a much more cost-effective option than purchasing equipment outright.


Leasing kitchen equipment is a tax efficient way of financing the purchase of an asset over a one to five year period. Through our licensed leasing and asset finance brokers we will make all the necessary arrangements for you to pay for your commercial cooking equipment in monthly instalments.

Working from concept through to completion, we can deliver high-end kitchen concepts which comprise design, supply and installation whether it’s for a restaurant, bar, school or more.

Our Catering equipment design services include:

  • Full project management including design, supply and installation
  • Bespoke designs and fabrication
  • Creation of 2D and 3D CAD drawings
  • Full commercial kitchen strip out, storage and deep clean
  • Contractor commission and installation
  • Equipment sourcing at competitive rates
  • Equipment operation training and continued support

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Example One

Kitchen Equipment Upgrade (£8200 + VAT)

1x Falcon G3101 Six Ring Range
1x Falcon Gas Salamander Grill
1x Dean SR42 Fryer
1x Convotherm 06:10 Combination Oven

3 Year Lease Deal

£65.02 per week +VAT per week

5 Year Lease Deal

£42.90 per week +VAT per week

Example Two

New Design Commercial Kitchen with Energy Saving Facilities and Equipment (£30,000 + VAT)

1 Falcon G3101 Six Ring Range
1 Falcon Gas Salamander Grill 1 Dean SR42 Fryer
1 Convotherm 06:10 Combination Oven
1 Dishwasher & Tabling
3 Counter Refrigeration Units
2 Sink Units
Electrical, Plumbing and Gas Alterations
White Rock Walling
Design, Installation and Commissioning

3 Year Lease Deal

£234.48 per week + VAT

5 Year Lease Deal

£153.34 per week + VAT

Figures provided are for illustrative purposes only and subject to application and individual circumstances. Actual rates may vary.

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